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Daphne B/W Lead All Generations in the Small Group Based Church
The Biblical mandate for leading all generations

"A reformation is needed. An army is emerging, and the pastor has been appointed and anointed by the Head of the Church (every generation) to lead them all within a Biblical community of believers. Pastor, lead the emerging generation as you do the adults. They are worth it, and Jesus sets no other precedent."

Daphne B/W GO
Is missions a command or calling?

"Somehow we have created a mentality that to “GO” needs a special calling. I think not! The command is there, the command is clear and the command is simple. Should we not be seeking a special calling to 'stay'?"

Daphne B/W Principles Work
Biblically, I only see two principles for reaching the next generation

"We ignore, at our peril, important Biblical principles and, sadly, we see the results today. When we get “our house in order,” we will have a safe place / home to evangelize others."

Daphne B/W Shield Your Home
A strong prayer shield must start at home–including the children.

"I am sad as I travel to find pastors and small group leaders praying here, there and everywhere, yet their prayer with and for their family is virtually nonexistent. It is easier to protect than to have to win battles to rescue. Sadly there are “rescue missions” all over the world rescuing the marriages, broken wives and wayward children of Pastors who are so beaten up themselves."

Daphne B/W The Heart of Jesus in the small group
A true cell group must not ignore the command of Jesus to "Go"

"A group without mission is a group without the heart of Jesus. Mission is what made His heart beat as a baby and what made it break on the cross."

Andrew BW A Matter of Perception or Reality?
Who are your heroes and villains?

"We all have our own favorite heroes and villains. Who they are is a matter of perception and reality. It is so hard now to reach a common ground on many issues because of the blurring of truth globally. Biblical truth has been replaced with compromise or any comfortable concept that will please the majority."

Daphne B/W You’ll Never Walk Alone
One of the best things about ministering as a team is comraderie

"These are valid reasons for being fearful but I leave you with the question: would you rather walk alone through the storms, alone through the joys – or take “the risk” and have team leadership… and you’ll never walk alone?"

Andrew BW Generation 2 generation
A look at the Importance of the generations and families

"When we look around the world today we see broken families. A fatherless generation is all around us, children are growing up with identity issues, while the rise of abortion is alarming. The church was destined to bring healing to these terrible situations, and see the hearts of the fathers turned to the children and children to the fathers (Malachi 4:5-6)."

Daphne B/W Paris and Beyond: Sound the Alarm!
we need to ask ourselves how the church has prepared the children and young people to live victoriously through these troubled times.

"Small groups must embrace this upcoming generation if they are going to have the support and accountability they need. Increasingly we will need each other as times get even tougher. And if we need each other, how much more do children need a community who will cheer them on? Let’s remember that the New Testament Church was under attack. It was a persecuted church, and it embraced the children in the homes."

Daphne B/W What If?
What if the world behaved like the Church with the next generation?

"What a mess we would have in the teen and adult years. The children would be removed from our care and we could be labeled abusers."

Daphne B/W Culture and Structure
What part do culture and structure play in the church?

"Using the example of parents and children, if a church really has the culture of revelation, passion, and vision for parents to be the disciplers of their children, then almost automatically the church will put in place structures that will promote and implement that culture. I believe our structures reveal the culture we have taken on board."

Daphne B/W Sound the Alarm!
To turn a nation, you must take the next generation

"Politicians and other religions know this. Many stop the gospel from spreading to under 25 year olds because they know the potential to impact the nation. They give their best leaders, often the men, to equip and train the emerging generation, giving them something to live and even die for."

Daphne B/W The Day of Joshua
I am often asked, "what should be my priority – family or serving God?" I believe that is the wrong question!

"I believe the reason we have “Pastor’s Kid” or “Missionary Kid” or, potentially, “Leader’s Kid” syndrome is because leadership has not involved the children in ministry. When God called the parent into leadership, He intended that this calling would bless the entire family. It is time to restore the day of Joshua when families, parents, teens, and children together serve the Lord and no one is “too busy” for the other."


A Leader and His Family
A leader leads his family and his church / cell. A leader has followers in his family and in his church / cell. Followers observe him in his family and his church / cell. Followers imitate him in his family and in his church / cell.

Making Mistakes in Reaching the Next Generation
A Biblical model can help prevent “mistakes” and at the same time release radical pioneers.

The Emerging Generation: Theology and Methodology
This blog is aimed to shake thinking that has resulted in structures, offices and methodology that reflect an education system bearing little, or no, reflection to theological foundations for raising a generation.

No one there?
I have been in many cell meetings where discussion about the summer “break” came up.

Let’s Be Normal
Sometimes we lose our sense of “being normal” when we are in any church setting.

Inside – out discipleship!
I like to think of coaching coaches as simply making disciples who make disciples. We all learn best experientially, and by modeling. So as the coach is discipled, he or she will go “and do likewise”

Transitioning to Chldren’s Small Groups
Transitioning to Children’s Cells is much the same as transitioning to Cell Church: We experience a change of values, which leads to a change of approach and structures.

Generational Discipleship: Lessons from Biblical Models
Discipling the next generation of leaders

A Cell Story
The UK has many Pakistani non-English speaking Muslims. This is a story from our primary family cell.

Wake-up Call
Wake up Church. Wake up! To turn a nation, you must take the next generation

For Such A Time As This
What vision can drive us to mobilize, train and prepare a generation "for such a time as this"?

Pitfalls to Avoid in Chldren’s Cells
Pitfalls to Avoid in Chldren’s Cells

Love Your Leaders
Most cell leaders do a great job caring for their people. My heart is to see cell members encouraging and appreciating their leaders.

Connecting the Generations in Celebration
In the larger celebration gathering, we see the teaching ministry, worship, coming together as a family.

Prayer with Action
I love prayer with action. Sometimes there is nothing we can do and it is all up to God, while at other times, we can act. When leading prayer, especially in the cells, I like to take some time to act on a prayer topic.

First Principles of Discipleship
The first discipleship priority of any member is family discipleship

by Daphne Kirk,
Healthy cells lead to a healthy and effective body. Anything that distracts from the health of the cells will have a negative affect on the body as a whole.

Children's Cell - FREE DOWNLOADS
Starting Children's Cells? Check out these downloads!

Priesthood of All Believers
“The Priesthood of all believers: the doctrine that each member of the body of Christ is a priest of God and should be actively participating in the body of Christ. All believers are kings and priests in the kingdom. But who are all believers?

Multiplication is a Biblical Principle
Multiplication is a Biblical principle. From the very beginning God commanded us to be fruitful “and multiply” Genesis 1: 28

Simple Remedies with Children in Cell
Simple remedies to problems you may experience when there are children in the cell.

Reflecting the Family of God
As the family of God we must preserve and reflect His image as seen in the human family that He created and ordained on earth. We can not dismantle earthly family and then say we are family.

Discipling the Next Generation
The Bible only gives 2 mandates for discipling the emerging generation.

Honoring Cell Leaders Though the Cells
While honour can come from leadership, I consider it high priority that honour should be initiated from cell members.

Biblical Foundations for Children in the Church with Cells / Small Groups
Whose responsibility are children? “One generation shall tell the next generation” (Psalm 145: 4).

Mobilizing the Children
Until Christian parents are empowered to disciple, church focus generally is toward their children instead of being turned outward. The parable of the lost sheep in Matthew 18 is about children. The 99 are secure while the shepherd goes after the lost one

The First Steps for Intergenerational Small Groups : Preach the Biblical Basis
Make sure you take time for repentance as you explore these biblical values: • We are all responsible for the next generation (Psalm 145:4).

Principles of Intergenerational Cells
Intergenerational Cells are cells where all generations come together to “Love God, Love One another and Love the Lost.” Values and structure are the same as any other cells – with the exception of the Kids Slot when the children or adults go to another.

Intergenerational Cell Meeting Material with Kids Slot
Material for a Kid slot in an intergenerational Cell Meeting

Testomony of Couseling in the Cell Church
We've examined the counseling in the cell church. We’ve looked at the power of group counseling, the supervisor’s role in counseling, and the gift of counseling. But what about professional counseling?

Encounters for Children and Teens
Interview with Olly Goldenberg by Daphne Kirk

Jesus and the Children
Jesus had very strong words to say about a wrong attitude toward children. I call this a hidden sin as I have never been in a church where people are brought to repentance for inappropriate words, attitudes, and dismissiveness to a child. Yet Jesus said.

Humor and Young People
I believe that Jesus had FUN and was fun to be with but was it the key element through which He reached people? What place does it play today in reaching the emerging generation?

Be God's Woman - No Excuses
I firmly believe that when Jesus asks anything of us, He takes ALL our circumstances into account.

The Temptation to be like God
Trust is hard to achieve when we have been let down. Knowing the nature of God makes the temptation, to “act on His behalf”, fade into insignificance.

Jesus The Ultimate Youth Leader
As we try and identify some of the qualities of a Youth Leader, what greater model could we have than Jesus who took 12 young men and developed them into Nation Changers?

Let Go And Let God
Why putting our trust in God is rewarded with His faithfulness and a hope that will not disappoint.

Your Heart For The Bridegroom
How those who have been hurt before can love again.

I Wonder!
This article gives an insight into the price that is paid in persecuted nations for telling the next generation - it will make you "wonder"!

Discipling The Next Generation
Whose task is it to disciple the next generation - and what are we discipling them for? This article will give some thought provoking answers

The Spiritual Development of Young People and Children
The spiritual development of young people and children is rarely recognised by parents and those ministering to them. This article give undertsanding and reveal its importance.

Fathering this Generation
Fathering this generation

Fire For the Nations
Fire For the Nations

Leadership for THIS Generation
Leadership for THIS generation!

Children Loving God
How does Father God reveal His love to children and how can they understand the love of a Father they have never seen?

Children’s Cells - The aim of the Children's Ministry
This article discusses the aim of the children's cell ministry and transitioning the ministry to children's cells.

Transitioning/Transforming Ministry to the Children
"This looks at the transformation that can take place within the church setting so that the ministry to children can be transformed."

An end time generation?
Raising a GO mentality in an end time generation.

If you Love Him you will Obey - and GO!
Jesus commanded us, if we love him,to go into all the nations preaching the gospel. This article covers 8 undeniable reasons why we should go, and 11 reasons why we stay.

An Emerging Culture
Not only must there be a change of structures but a change of culture in the Body of Christ. A culture where raising the next generation is the God given responsibility of every member!

Discipling Children
This article discusses why many parents don't, but should be, discipling their children.

Children's Encounter and Transitioning Children's Ministry
This article outlines children's encounters and gives specific examples of encounters and discusses transitioning the children's ministry.

Intergenerational Cells
10 ways to restore the generations within the intergenerational cell context.

The Prophetic Word to Each Generation
"As I travel, in many nations I hear prophetic words spoken about the generations, I hear people catching God's vision and heart for each generation, sharing their thoughts and dreams. I have tried to capture the heart of what I have heard.

Every Member in Ministry
"Before considering the place of children in every member in ministry, it is important to establish that children are members!"

Loving Those Lost to the Father
There are two cries going out across the earth that the Body of Christ must hear...

Loving One Another
This article examines our need to love every generation and also include material for a children's cell meeting based on the topic "Loving One Another"

As with Adults
A very simple tool that will enable every cell leader and every cell member to facilitate the inclusion of children very naturally.

By Andrew Kirk

CHRISTmas to the Cross.
What am I reminded of this Christmas?

Reconnecting the Generations
Why is it important to see the generations relating to and working with each other? This article takes a look at some of the issues

Tough Love (Gutter Evangelism)
What I want to know is where are the missionaries consumed with God's calling to touch a nation, a people group, a sewer system full of down and out kids?

What’s the meaning of missions?
What’s the meaning of missions?

By Daniella Kirk

The Single Focused life
Every person goes through a stage of life where they are aware of their “singleness”. Too few live embracing singleness as the gift from God that it is and enjoyed in all its fullness